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BushDoctor Microbe Brew


BushDoctor Microbe Brew

Plant Food Activator. FoxFarm Microbe Brew (1-0.2-0.03) is a natural and organic blend specially formulated to help plants achieve optimum microbial habitats at the root zone. Contains concentrated amounts of soil fungi and bacteria along with macro and micronutrients to feed your plants and soil microorganisms at the same time. Satisfy your plants’ thirst by giving them the nutritional cocktail they deserve.



Gardens: Mix 2 tsp per gallon of fresh water every other week throughout the vegetative and blooming cycles. Drench soil thoroughly.

Hydroponics: Mix 1/2 tsp per gallon of fresh reservoir water and use in conjunction with nutrient regimen. Flush system every two weeks.

NPK Ratio: 1-0.2-0.03

Available in: Quart | Gallon