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Cider House Select Cider Yeast


Cider House Select yeast is a high ester-producing strain, creating exceptional flavor. Trace nutrition has been included in this sachet to ensure the best possible cider quality through good healthy yeast. Our active dried yeast is suitable for all types of ciders and is able to ferment under various conditions. The capable fermentation temperature range is 54 - 82 degrees, however for optimal performance the recommended fermentation temperature should be between 60 - 70 degrees and maintained there for best results. To prevent extended lag times and risk of bacterial contamination be sure that the juice temperature is above 60 degrees prior to pitchig the yeast.

Fermenting Temperature Range: 54-82 Degree F

Nitrogen Requirements: Low ( from 160ppm YAN )

SO2 Tolerance: High ( up to 60ppm )

Sugar to alcohol conversion: 16.0g/L for 1% alcohol

Wild Yeast: <1 per million

Total bacteria: <5 per million

Alcohol Tolerance: up to 12% ABV

Available Individually or in packs of 3 | 5 | 10