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Brewer's Best Double IPA

Brewer's Best Double IPA This high gravity ale has an upfront and dominant hop profile. The aromas of cirtus and the slight pine from the complex hop flavors are perfectly presendted on a medium-light body background. A golden hue and white frothy head help to round out this Imperial Ale IBU's: 100+ OG: 1.078-1.081 ABV%: 7.8%-8.3% Color: Deep Gold Difficulty: Easy Everything you need to craft your best brew is here. We start with fresh ingredients to maintain flavor as well as easy-to-follow recipes measured to perfection. Contains: Malt Extract Syrup Specialty Grains* Hops Yeast Spices & Flavorings* Grain Bag* Priming Sugar Bottle Caps Instructions *if the recipe requires