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Bluelab Guardian Monitor



Monitor your key parameters 24/7 
Save time and effort with the Bluelab Guardian Monitor
With the Bluelab Guardian Monitor, you will be able to continuously monitor the key parameters of pH, EC and temperature. There’s no need for manual measurements and spot checks; instead, you will only need to adjust for pH and nutrient.

When you consistently track the three fundamental parameters of nutrient uptake, you’ll be able to spot any fluctuations, allowing you to solve issues as and when they happen. After all, when you keep these parameters steady, you’ll end up with healthier plants.

Save time and labour with the Bluelab Guardian Monitor so that you can focus on growing great plants every single time.
24/7 continuous monitoring of pH, EC and temperature in reservoirs
Large, backlit display for at-a-glance viewing
High and low alarms to alert you when parameters are out of range
Easy pH calibration function with on-screen instructions
2-metre cable lengths for best positioning and viewing
Flexible mounting options for walls, posts and racks
Easy-to-clean display built for clean environmentsAdjustable brightness display. Large easy to read, Plant Safe green LED displays.