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Xtreme Tea Brews 10 Count

Xtreme Tea Brews are a blend of organic matter that has been shown to break down nutrients and make them available to your plants. A beneficial microbe (bacteria) that helps give your plants a head start!

Easy to Use Compost Tea - Always Fresh - Brew More for Less.

80g Brew (per 5 gal) 10count

• Promote Plant Growth
• Add Organic Matter
• Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Herbs & Lawns

Xtreme Tea Brew are an easy to use, quick, effective means of adding life back into your soil. It can be applied as an instant extract or as a brewed compost tea in an aerated brewer. Simply pour the brewed tea around the base of the plant once a week. The microbes around the root zone begin rapidly breaking down nutruents into a form your plant can use right away. With More Nutrients and minerals available, your plants can grow stronger and faster!

Instant Extraction: Add tea bag to 3-5 gallons of water and squeeze brew bag vigorously for about 60 seconds with out breaking the tea bag. Tear open Tea Activator pouch and add to tea. Stir Solution and pour around the base of each plant (2-4 cups of tea solution per plant).

Aerated Brewer: Add tea bag to an Xtreme Tea Brewer, or other brewer, or bucket with air stone. Squeeze the brew bag several times. Tear open 1 Activator pak and add the contents to the water.

Brew up to 24 hours and pour around the base of each plant (2-4 cups of tea solution per plant)