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Weyermann - Munich Type 2


Made from the finest German quality brewing barley. The rich malt aroma and color of the malt are perfect for malt-forward and deeper color beer styles.
Sensory: pronounced malt aroma with notes of caramel, honey and bread

Special brew malt for light and dark beer styles, typically used for:
Pale Lager; Festbier
Amber Lager; Maerzen, Kellerbeer, Smoked beer
Dark Lager; Munich Dunkel, Czech Dark Lager, Schwarzbier
Bock; Dark Double Bock
IPA; Black IPA, Imperial PA
Amber Ale; Biére de Garde
Brown Ale; British Brown Ale
Porter; Baltic Porter, English Porter, American Porter, Imperial Porter
Stout; Russian Imperial Stout
Sour Ale; Flanders Red Ale
Recommended addition: up to 100%

Enzyme activity: medium
20,0 – 25,0 EBC
8.0 – 9.9 Lovibond