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Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat - 2 Tray


Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat - 2 Tray Mat design allows placing propagation trays end to end (instead of side by side) on this mat.

A 4’ fluorescent light fixture will be perfect to provide supplemental lighting over this size area.

These mats are 20% larger than competitive mats.

This allows warming of 2 complete propagation trays to their edges.

Helps gardeners have better success rates with seedlings and cuttings.

Daisy chain your mats for ease of use.

You can connect up to 10 mats together.

Warms rooting area approximately 10-20° F over ambient temperature to improve germination process.

Heavy - duty construction makes this mat very durable.

Ed Hume Seal of Approval.

Dimensions are 12” x 48” and it is 60 watts.