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Nectar For the Gods Poseidonzyme


Poseidonzime is a liquefied seaweed product providing soluble potassium. An excellent natural plant growth promoter, Poseidonzime reduces plant stress while increasing flower clusters and overall vigor in the plants’ reproduction.

Nectar for the Gods Poseidonzyme is a seaweed based product digested through an enzymatic process that allows for maximum availability to plant tissues and microbiology. Amino acids are added to make this liquid seaweed a more complete organic nutrient. 
Foliar spray as much as 3 times a week during the vegetative phase to give your plants the nutrients they desire through the leaves and stems as well as through the medium. Use as little as once every 2 weeks during the vegetative phase to notice increased health of your organic plants.
  • Contains organic amino acids.
  • North Atlantic seaweed based nutrient.
  • Organically feeds leaves and stems from the outside.

Available in: Quart | Gallon | 2.5 Gallon | 5 Gallon

The 5 Gallon is for special order only and may take up to 2 weeks to be fulfilled. If you are interested in a larger quantity, feel free to contact us at (585)475-0015.