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Advanced Nutrients Piranha Liquid


Piranha Liquid

100% Organic. Maximize your plant’s root mass by up to 700% with Advanced Nutrients Piranha. More roots ensures that your plants get optimum nutrition, enhanced flowering and maximum yields. Contains a special combination of ecto and endo mycorrhizae to maximize your garden’s potential.

• Helps roots gain surface mass for optimum plant growth
• Maximizes production of essential oils
• Maximize production of plant aromatics
• Beneficial fungi maximize root absorption of oxygen, nutrients and water
• Better survival rate for clones and seedlings

Works with ALL hydroponics, soil or sphagnum growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, ebb and flow and continuous liquid feeding growing systems… or your money back!

Soil, Soilless and Hydroponics: Use 2 ml per liter during weeks 1 and 2 of your flowering phase. May also be applied as a foliar spray

Seedlings/ Cuttings: Add 2 ml to the bottom of your planting hole when transplanting and set roots directly on top.