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Neutrocork® 38 × 22 mm - Formerly "No. 8 × 1½″ Cork"

Neutrocork® Micro-Agglomerated is a straight natural cork made of small cork granules. This cork is often used to preserve bottled wine for short term use. Micro-agglomerated corks are seen as a newer affordable option to natural corks. These wine cork stoppers are also stronger and more durable than standard agglomerated corks. They are suitable for wines with some complexity and can also be used for high pressured sparkling wines.
The Neutrocork® corks are recommended for wine that is meant to be consumed within two years after bottling. However, #7 corks have a looser fit, which may result in some leaking. We recommend using the #8 and #9 corks for long term storage.

The 1000ct is for special order only and may take up to two weeks to be fulfilled. If you're interested in a larger quantity or have any questions regarding the item, please contact us at 585-475-0015.
Neutrocork® 38 × 22 mm - Formerly "No. 8 × 1½″ Cork"

Form Factor Straight
Material Natural Cork
Composition Micro-Agglomerated
Length 38 mm
Diameter 22 mm
Neutrocork® is the latest in new-generation natural cork closures. This 'micro-agglomerated' cork is composed of small, uniformly-sized cork granules that have been pressed into an individual mold. The result is an attractive, natural closure that is affordable, easy to remove, and extremely durable - so it stands up to mechanical bottling. The Neutrocork® is recommended for wines intended for consumption within two years.

Available in 30 Count | 100 Count | 1000 Count