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Iguana Lightning Hot N' Spicy Catsup

Iguana Lightning Hot n' Spicy Catsup is one of the best catsups there is. Catsup with a Caribbean Habañero kick. 1000 Volt Supercharged Recipe. Iggy's having his regular Saturday night jungle cookout with the "usual suspects", when the clouds move in. But our intrepid iguana will not be deterred (his guests are waiting)...the grill must go on! Defying Thor and seven other Norse Gods, Iggy burns onward. Their mighty bolts pierce through the broiling tropical sky, illuminating the starving guests like deer in head-lights. When suddenly (as you'd expect) a bolt strikes the grill, sending St. Elmo's fire ricocheting around the picnic table, ultimately fusing his famous Habanero pepper sauce to the "Plain Jane" catsup bottle. Now Iggy be smokin'...and he emerges from the electrification with a new concoction to commemorate this "brilliant" event, Iguana Lightning - Hot 'n Spicy Catsup.