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Nectar For the Gods Hygeia’s Hydration

Hygeia's Hydration acts as a blending tool for the Nectar For The Gods line. The yucca serves as a wetting agent to help with the penetration of the root, for maximum nutrient uptake. The organic acids found in the yucca assist in the chelation of other nutrients, thus making them accessible to the soil and the plant. Hygeia's Hydrationalso works great for soils that are always drying out, and also can serve as a wetting agent for foliar feeding!

Due to the high Saponin levels, this product is not recommended for heavily aerated reservoirs due to foaming.

Feeding Schedule

  • Early Vegetative: 2 tsp
  • Mid Vegetative: 2 tsp
  • Late Vegetative: 2 tsp
  • Early Flowering: 1 TBL
  • Mid Flowering: 1 TBL
  • Late Fruiting: 1 TBL
Available in: Quart | Gallon | 2.5 Gallon | 5 Gallon