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HopRocket - Blichmann

The HopRocket™ is an incredibly innovative hop infusing tool packed with world-class features! It can be used as a hopback, but it also doubles as an in-line hop infuser (Randalizer) for your beer-dispensing system and, better yet, it triples as an in-line filter*! Definitely cool, consistently reliable and clearly Blichmann, the HopRocket™ will send your hop aroma into orbit!

Unlike our competitors' units, made from simple kitchenware fitted with a basic false bottom, the Blichmann Engineering HopRocket™ has been designed from the ground up for efficiency and versatility to be a purpose-built, heavy-duty hopback and hop infuser. This clean-slate approach is just our track record of providing premium performance and features.
ressure-tight - up to 40 PSI operation!
Holds up to 3 oz. of whole hops as a hopback and 4 oz. as an infuser - twice as much as the competition!
100% stainless construction and silicone seals.
No need to monitor wort level because the HopRocket™ will never overflow and spill like competitors' units you're used to!
Fully enclosed system from brew pot to fermentor means no volatile hop aromas are lost!
Inlet at the bottom allows air to automatically purge to reduce hot-side aeration.
Fine filter with wiper seal sends very clear wort to your fermentor.
Coarse filter and cone bottom inlet prevents wort channeling and backup for even hop utilization.
Works on gravity systems and with pumps (about 4 feet — or 1 meter — of static head is recommended for best gravity performance).
Doubles as an awesome hop infuser (Randalizer) for your dispensing system.
1/2" NPT connections are easy to adapt to — a perfect match for our popular QuickConnector™ fittings (1/2", 3/8" barb and 1/4" flare).

* The HopRocket™ can be utilized as a general strainer/filter, but it is not intended to filter all the sediment and particles of your brew pot while using at a hopback. The large quantities of pellet hops, trub and other debris will eventually plug and compact the hop-bed stopping flow. Installing a prefilter in your pot is recommended to prevent excessive quantities of material from entering the hopback. As such, recirculation whirlpool immersion chilling systems should not be utilized with the HopRocket™. That said, filling the HopRocket with rice hulls does greatly increase the filtering capability of the product.