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Grodan Stonewool Delta Starter Mini-Blocks


Rockwool Mini-Blocks sit in a tray (flat) without support for easy starting of seeds and cuttings.

These Mini-Blocks are individually wrapped in white plastic to minimize algae growth.

Remove wrapping and transplant into any loose media such as Growcubes or coconut fiber or leave wrapping on and set on top of a larger Gro-block.

Packed in easy tear away strips, labeled with instructions.


1.5in Starter Mini-Blocks MM40/40 1.5in x 1.5in x 1.5in (3 Strips of 15 or 45 ct)

2in Starter Mini-Blocks MM50/40 2in x 2in x2in (2 Strips of 12 or 24 ct)