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Nectar For the Gods Gaia Mania


Nectar for the Gods Gaia Mania contains enzymatically digested organic ingredients that have been acquired responsibly and harvested humanely. These high quality organics are processed to gently extract only the proteins and humates. This digestion process allows for the immediate plant absorption of the vitamins, amino acids and chelated minerals.

Using enzymatically digested organic nutrients means the difference between feeding your plants now and feeding them much later. Organic gardeners understand that without this process you must already have everything the plant needs present in the soil and the microbiology thriving to break down the organic materials for nutrient absorption to occur.

 Gaia Mania's protein based formula promotes strong and healthy growth without the elongation associated with nitrates from synthetic nutrients. Plants will grow the healthiest when they are grown with proteins, organic acids, and calcium based products. 

Tip: Early in a plant’s life, like a child, they are searching for the essential building blocks that will make up their entire being and overall life health. Because of the availability of fully chelated nutrients in Gaia Mania, our gardeners have found a quicker response in healing time and stress relief in stressed or chemical dependent plants. Gaia Mania acts as a nutrient flush as well. Not only will it aid in the removal of excess salts in the medium with its calcium load it also offers an immediate meal for your plants to uptake while energizing their microbial field to promote root protection.

Available in: Quart | Gallon | 2.5 Gallon | 5 Gallon