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Ferrari Press - Aluminium/Stainless Steel

This quality stainless and aluminum press allows you to run your press with fewer spills and less mess. This is the large GRANDE heavy duty model that lets you do 5+ liters of fruit at a time, not the tiny one that does a thimblefull at a time. This press does not drip at all and nothing spews out the gaps in the press because there are none. Everything is enclosed in the stainless juice bucket with spout. Please note that you can break this or any other press by overtightening. You must tighten the screw gradually, wait a while for the juice to run, and then tighten again. When the pomace (fruit pulp) in the press starts to become dry, lift out the pressing bag full of fruit and reposition it before pressing again. If you treat this press with care, it will last a lifetime, but if you overtighten, you can definitely break it.
  • 5.5 quart capacity
  • Durable stainless steel and cast aluminum construction
  • Large GRANDE heavy duty model
  • Do not overtighten