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Faucet Stout Chrome Dispense (C257)

  • This Speciality Faucet comes with a Micro laser Driller restrictor plate in spout area,
  • Restrictor disc can be removed to pour lagers or ales.
  • Pull forward down style activation
  • These faucets are all metal and very heavy! Can be converted to dispense any other kind of beer by simply removing the restrictor disc inside.

The unique stout faucet has an integrated restrictor disc, through which the beer is forced. The restrictor disc breaks the nitrogen out of the beer, and creates the distinctive cascading head of stout beers. The restrictor disc must be left in place, and cleaned frequently to remove any buildup that may clog the tiny holes in the disc.

Additionally, stout beers are poured using the legendary two-part pour method

The gas is a 75% Nitrogen / 25% CO2 gas blend and is commonly referred to as Guinness gas. This gas blend is inappropriate for ales and lagers type of draft beers, as it will change the CO2 content and thus the flavor of these beers.