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D-180 Belgian Candi Syrup 1LB

The darkest & richest Belgian candi syrup with an SRM of 180, it has no competitors for flavor, color or smooth fermentability. Notes of fresh ground coffee, wild cherry, dark stone fruit, caramel, w/a hint of dark-toasted bread. An exceedingly superior syrup for dark, high gravity Belgian Ales, especially Westvleteren & Rochefort clones. Contents: Beet sugar, date sugar, water Specifications: SRM - 180, PPG - 1.032
D-180 Candi Syrup - 1 lb - Belgian Candi Syrup

This premium extra dark Belgian candi syrup is made from beet sugar and date sugar and has deep flavors of fresh ground coffee, dark fruit, and toasted bread. Perfect for use in dark Belgian ales. 180 SRM, 1.032 PPG