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Cutting Edge pH Up


Highly concentrated, use conservatively. Slowly add to water and nutrient solution, at small intervals. Note beginning reading and then test pH. Repeat small application process and stir well, until desired pH is achieved. Note amount used per gallon in reservoir, for future application estimates.

Amount of pH UP required for adjustment will vary, depending on the strength of nutrient mixture and purity of the water source used.

This alkaline liquid raises pH.

Commonly recommended pH range for hydroponics and soil is 5.5 to 6.5

This item is a fast seller in our brick-and-mortar stores. We aim to keep our products in-store for a fast turnaround, but this item may take up to two weeks to be fulfilled. If this is the case, we will directly reach out and keep you updated on your order. 

Available in: Quart | Gallon