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Can Fan - Max Fan


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Can Fan - Max Fan

Can-Fan bring its innovation to market and sets a new standard for performance. The Max-Fan™ is more powerful and efficient fan that takes less energy to run. 6 in - 14 in come pre-wired with an 8 ft - 120 volt power cord. 16 in does NOT come with a power cord (240 Volt).

The Max Fan Saves Energy!
-Extremely energy Efficient!
-Lower Lifetime Cost!
-Cost of Energy is 70-90% of life time cost!

The Max-Fan Saves Space!
-Small Airtight Housing!-Easy Installation!
-Light Weight & Compact design

Max F
an Is Quiet!
-Very High Aerodynamic Efficiency!
-Optimized Mixed Flow is quieter than other fans of the same size!

Can-Fan Max Fan 6 in 334 CFM
Can-Fan Max Fan 8 in 675 CFM
Can-Fan Max Fan 12 in 1709 CFM

Available in 6", 8", 12".