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BushDoctor Boomerang


BushDoctor Boomerang

Gives your plants a fighting chance! Bushdoctor Boomerang is an all-natural plant tonic designed to lend a hand when neglect, high temperatures, mineral salts and other stresses knock your little beauties down for the count. This “comeback formula” is available quickly and will provide a fast recovery whenever you’ve had a setback in plant health.

• Fast acting — easily absorbed by plants!
• Contains solubilized organic nutrition
• Helps plants bounce back and thrive
• Can be used as a vegetative supplement
• Concentrated — a little goes a long way!


Gardens: Mix 2-4 tsp per gallon of water and apply weekly until plants bounce back. Continue with your normal feeding schedule once plants show signs of rejuvenation.

Hydroponics: Empty your reservoir and fill with fresh water. Add 1 Tbs per gallon. Do NOT include any other fertilizers for 2 to 3 days. When plants show signs of rejuvenation, flush the reservoir and reintroduce nutrients at reduced doses. Always adjust nutrient levels based on your plant’s response.

Ingredients: Earthworm castings, magnesium sulfate, sodium borate, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, protein hydrolysate, kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum).

Also Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient:
Mycorrhizae ….. Propagules per cc
Glomus intraradices ….. 0.434
Glomus mosseae ….. 0.434
Glomus aggregatum ….. 0.434
Glomus etunicatum ….. 0.434

NPK Ratio: 2-0.2-0.3

Available in: Quart | Gallon