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Brewer's Orchard Fruit Purees - 4.4 Pounds


Brewer's Orchard™ aseptic purées are made with fresh - never frozen - fruits from Colombia in South America. Fruits grow all year-round in this climate thanks to the fertile soil and plentiful sunlight. The rivers and nutrients from the Los Andes Mountains and Caribbean and Pacific coasts feed the fruits with intense aromas and flavors that make them unique. Brewer's Orchard™ is a natural product, undiluted, not concentrated, not fermented and preservative-free.

100% fruit pulp, pasteurized
Meets HACCP requirements
Facilities have been audited and inspected by the FDA


This item is a fast seller in our brick-and-mortar stores. We aim to keep our products in store for fast turn around, but this item may take up to a week to be fulfilled. If this is the case, we will reach out and keep you updated on your order.