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Avangard - Light Munich



Munich-type malt is made of the finest two-row spring barley grown in the most prominent regions such as Germany, France, Denmark, and England. The varieties in use are approved and well established in the country of origin.

A dash of malt sweetness, a hint of gold, and a heaping spoonful of soul. Bring the essence of Oktoberfest to any occasion. Prost!

Munich type malt can be used up to 100% for slightly dark and malt aromatic beers but also for adding color with adding a distinct malty aroma to the beer. A typical ratio for the use is up to 100% for Dark Bavarian style beers and 1050% for enhancing color and aroma.

It is recommended for dark types with a rich body such as Bavarian Dark, Dark Bock, Dark Wheat Beer.

7 - 11
distinct rich malty flavor
Munich type malt can be used up to 100%


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