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Apex Cultures Voss Kveik 500g Yeast


Genuine top fermenting Kveik strains from Norway. Both strains feature very fast fermentation in warm temperature ranges with complete final attenuation within 48 to 72 hours and an outstanding flocculation ability. This allows a relevant energy savings and optimization of the fermentation cellar capacity. The fruity esters levels formed by these yeast strains are directly proportional to the increase of temperature. Voss produces clear beers with consistent neutral flavor profile and gentle orange peel and citrus notes across the entire optimal fermentation temperature range. It does not produce harsh phenolics nor overpowering higher alcohols even at the warmest end of the temperature range.

Brewing Parameters:

Fermentation temperature range: 93-104°F

Apparent attenuation: 77-83%

Flocculation & sedimentation ability: High

Alcohol tolerance: 13-16%

H2S production: Low

STA1: Negative