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FoxFarm Light Warrior Seed Starter Grow Medium 1CF (Local In-Store Pick Up Only)


Light Warrior® Seed Starter 1 Cubic Feet

 The Ultimate Seed Germinator Light Warrior® is the ultimate grow medium for seed starting and transplanting. And it isn’t just a grow medium—we pack it with beneficial microbes to stimulate root growth and enhance fertilizer uptake, humic acid to help in seed germination, and earthworm castings to help plants thrive. Light Warrior® is the perfect fast-draining, lightweight seed germinator for your indoor jungle. Garden tip: Moisten Light Warrior® before you plant and allow it to drain. Never let indoor plants sit in water. Start feeding plants within five days of planting or germination. For most indoor uses, FoxFarm Grow Big® Liquid Plant Food (also available in a hydroponic formula) will get plants off to a good start. Light Warrior® High Yield is specially designed to enhance root development and encourage greater nutrient uptake by the plants.

 It contains the powerful root stimulators mycorrhizae fungi and humic acid, biological catalysts that interact with micro nutrients to make them easily available to the plant. Our ultra premium blend has been pH adjusted to 6.3 - 6.8 to ensure optimum nutrient availability.

 Start feeding within five days of planting.

This product is only available at our brick and mortar stores for pick up. You will be able to pick up your orders between the hours of 10AM - 6PM at any one of our locations across Western and Central New York.