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Titan Controls Hades 1 - 15 Minute Delay Timer

Titan Controls Hades 1 - 15 Minute Delay Timer This product provides protection for your lights should your power go out. It’s a low cost security system for your lamps that give you the peace of mind you’re looking for with your lighting system. The Hades 1™ is easy to use. Just plug the 120 Volt relay trigger cord into the controller and you’re protected. This timer makes lighting control safe and simple! Protects your lights from “Hot Starts” due to power failure. Pre-set 15 minute delay. No adjustments required. Chassis protects controller from moisture and dust. Only the highest quality components are used. Controllers designed by our industry, for our industry. 15 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz. /3 year warranty.

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