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Sunmaster Super HPS

SUNMASTER High Output HPS Lamps are High Pressure Sodium lamps designed to deliver 10% more light than standard HPS lamps. This extremely energy-efficient plant grow lamp provides more energy which is essential for optimized photosynthetic response. Proper lighting is a key ingredient in promoting robust, healthy growth as well as meeting the needs of various plant growth phases through optimized spectral outputs. Sunmaster® provides the largest, most comprehensive supply of HID lamps specifically tailored for the hydroponic and horticultural industries. Simply stated, Sunmaster® lamps deliver intense light output with nutritional spectral values.

Super High Pressure Sodium * 10% more light than a standard HPS lamp * Red output for stem elongation and flowering * Long life, economical * Ideal companion for Metal Halide Conversion Lamps

Available in 600 Watt, 1000 Watt

1 Year Warranty