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Mad Farmer N.U.T.S.

Mad Farmer N.U.T.S. is a 100% organic, cold water extracted fulvic acid derived from humic shale. N.U.T.S. promotes an increase in nutrient uptake as well as a boost in vitality. Fulvic acid aids in nutrient uptake by acting as a natural chelating* agent when added to a liquid nutrient solution. The low molecular size and weight of the fulvic acid molecule allow it to penetrate plant membranes. Essential nutrients and trace elements in fertilizers attach to the fulvic acid and “piggyback” their way into the cell walls of the plant. This maximizes absorption of available nutrients and lessens the amount lost to run off.
This increased uptake helps growers maximize the potential of their nutrient mixes. N.U.T.S. Also helps to stabilize pH fluctuation. N.U.T.S. is hydrolysis extracted and UV filtered before bottling to ensure quality. Mad Farmer N.U.T.S. is proudly made in the U.S.A. and is compatible with all other nutrients and fertilizers.

*Chelation is the process that enables nutrients to move freely inside the plants.

Directions For Use:
Mad Farmer N.U.T.S. can be used in all media including: soil, rockwool, clay pellets, and soilless mixes.
N.U.T.S. should be added to the nutrient solution as a feed and used as a weekly foliar spray until one week prior to the harvest.

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