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Mangrove Jack's Hard Seltzer Yeast & Nutrient

With a rise in popularity of lighter, lower carb, alcoholic beverages, it’s of no surprise that hard seltzers have taken off in the global market. To put it simply, these refreshing beverages are essentially alcoholic sparkling water with a hint of delicious fruity flavours. They are typically brewed from a sugar source (such as cane sugar) or can also be made from a distilled neutral spirit. This means that they are relatively low in calories and have an alcohol volume of approximately 4-5%.

Following the recent launch of our Recipe Kits that are available in three fruity flavours, we now also have our Hard Seltzer Yeast and Nutrient sachet. So, if you love making hard seltzer, why not try it and get even more creative with recipes and flavours. Brew a hard seltzer alcohol base with a clean and neutral flavour and aroma, then add your choice of flavours to suit your own style.