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KoolBloom Dry

KoolBloom Dry 2.2lb

Flower ripening formula
• Start with Liquid KoolBloom to maximize the effect of Dry KoolBloom Ripening formula
• Facilitates ripening in flowering annuals & fruits
• Boosts final production of essential oils & fragrances

KoolBloom is a highly concentrated nutrient supplement that promotes abundant flowering & facilitates ripening in annual flowers & herbs. KoolBloom is rich with phosphorus & potassium & contains precise amounts of ripening elements. KoolBloom is to be used only at the very end of a plants life cycle & will help build larger, heavier fruits & flowers. KoolBloom is a superior plant supplement that will substantially improve crop production and increase the weight of yields. Liquid KoolBloom is used early and it continually builds up flower production. Dry KoolBloom does the same in addition to encouraging ripening, but in an intense final push at the end of the plant's life cycle. Using Liquid Kool Bloom at the beginning maximizes the effect of Dry KoolBloom at the end. Start with liquid, finish with dry.

NPK Ratio: 2-45-28