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Hortilux Dual Arc 1000 Watt

Hortilux™ Dual Arc (Available wattages: 1000w) Studies have shown the most productive method for indoor growing is by starting plants with Metal Halide and then switching to High Pressure Sodium grow lights. The Dual Arc is a combination of the HORTILUX™ Super HPS and the world class spectrum of HORTILUX™ BLUE in one lamp. The result of this combination is more compact plants and vigorous flower and fruit production without the need to purchase a Metal Halide and a HPS lamp separately. Dual Arc is the Best, all-in-one grow lamp. Contains a HORTILUX™ Super HPS arc tube & a HORTILUX™ BLUE arc tube in one lamp Promotes vigorous growth, accelerated development, and hearty flowering QUALITY Made in the USA Exclusive HORTILUX™ Spectrum We test every grow lamp before it is shipped

1 year warranty

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Lead Free Patented Environmentally friendly design (EN) means our lamps are lead free Meets Federal EPA, TCLP test criteria as non-hazardous waste.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS Use with Magnetic Core & Coil ballasts only with an ANSI rating of S52