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H&G Magic Green

Magic Green is a product that works well on multiple levels. Primarily, this foliar spray supplies crucial macronutrients to the plant directly through the foliage, when nutrient absorption through the roots is just not doing enough. This can help to “green up” yellowing leaves faster, with noticeable improvement seemingly overnight.
House & Garden Magic Green - Plants absorb Foliar Spray through their leaves. The top layer of cells of the leaf wells up, as it were. This produces so-called micro-pores, which allow the fertilisers to penetrate the leaf. When the fertilisers have gone through the last leaf layer, they run into cells that are able to absorb nutrients and to convert them into building blocks. This helps restore deficiencies. Foliar Spray ensures fast and effective growth, dissolves any discolourations caused by nutrient deficiencies and provides the plant with a healthy and vital leaf colour.

House & Garden Magic Green is an effective product for foliar fertilisation. Foliar Spray can be used in case of poor absorption of nutrients through the roots. Foliar Spray helps the nutrients penetrate the leaf. Use only in the grow period of the plants.

Dilution rate of Foliar Spray is 1ml/L

Apply Foliar Spray in fine drops using a hand or knapsack sprayer. Use when lamps are off to avoid burning.

Available in:
250ml | 500ml