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The Green Pad Junior, included is 10 pads.

The original Green Pad, "Hang, Spray, and Walk Away", is now available in a miniature size. The Green Pad Jr. is the first Co2 supplement made specifically for your seedlings or clones. The Green Pad Jr. is even easier to use than the original Green Pad! Simply roll the Green Pad Jr. up and put it into one of your tray's holes and your done! There is no need to spray these like there is with the Green Pad. Since Green Pad Jrs. need 35% humidity to activate, the moisture under a humidity dome is enough to activate it. Green Pad Jrs will work effictively for about 1 1/2 days and will need to be replaced every other day. Each package of the Green Pad Jrs. contains 10 pads which is enough for 20 days of use in one tray. Using Co2 while seed starting or cloning is just as important as during the adult growth and bloom of your plants. Green Pad Jrs will help you root 2-3 days faster than normal. You will also notice healthier cuttings and a higher percentage of success. Each package of the Green Pad Jr. will contain: (10) Pads