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Eclipse Nocturnal

Ready in 8 weeks
The third annual limited release Eclipse Wine, Nocturnal, is here! Hailing from the Languedoc region of southern France, the coastal area between the Rhône valley and the Spanish border, this full bodied red wine has a peculiar harvesting method. These grapes are picked in the cool of night, when sugar levels are more stable and acid levels are better. This moonlit harvest creates a wine with much fuller and richer flavors and aromatics.
Style: Bold Red
Body: Full
Oak: Medium-Heavy
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 14%
Crafted from a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault grapes, this wine delivers complex spicy aromas with pronounced notes of fruity plum and black raspberry with the gentle, earthy elements of woodsmoke to balance it out. The full body and lush tannins provide a finish the lingers, allowing the complex nuances of the wine to play out on the palate.
Try this bold red with marbled red meat, gourmet burgers, or embrace the Southern French roots of the wine with a Cassoulet.
Each kit makes 6 gallons.