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Canna Substra Flores A


Canna Substra Flores A

** This product page is for the Soft Water Substra. If you wish to receive the Hard Water version, please specify this on the checkout page **

A direct availability and a correct composition of nutrients play a crucial role during the plant’s blooming phase. SUBSTRA Flores stimulates the fructification and contains all the nutrients that the plant needs during this phase.During the blooming phase considerable less nitrogen is needed for example, but an increased need for potassium and phosphorous occurs. In addition, SUBSTRA Flores’ unique formula is rich in trace elements in a directly absorbable form. This results in an exuberant bloom.

Substra Flores Directions of Use

A ready to use fertilizer solution is made by diluting A & B concentrates in equal amounts with tap water.

Shake Substra Flores A and Substra Flores B well before use

Dosage: 40 ml / 10 Liter - 15 ml / US gallon (1:250)

Stir well and let mixture stand for some hours

Recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2

Recommended EC for Substra Flores A + B is 0.8 - 1.8 mS/cm (Part A plus Part B and assuming source water at 0.0 EC)

Available in: 1 Liter | 5 Liter (as a set of A+B) | 20 Liter