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Blichmann Anvil Burner - 24" Leg Extensions -

The Blichmann Floor Standing Burner is one of the most popular styles of burners, and it is beloved for its sturdy base and durable construction. Now, with the Blichmann Floor Standing Burner Leg Extensions from MoreBeer!, you can add even more height to your existing brew setup. These leg extensions on the floor will add an extra 24 inches in height to your burner, but because they’re made of durable stainless steel, they won’t compromise the durability of your setup.

Blichmann’s leg extensions are ideal for anyone who wants to raise their burner in order to use gravity to drain the brew into a carboy or fermenter. If your kettle contains an attached ball valve, all you’ll have to do is simply attach the leg extensions and twist the valve open to drain it into a separate container. Stop struggling to lift the heavy kettle from the burner and add these reliable Blichmann leg extensions to your floor standing burner.
This item is for special order only and may take up to 2 weeks to be fulfilled. If you are interested in a larger quantity, feel free to contact us at (585)475-0015.
Burner - 24" Leg Extensions - Blichmann

Drain directly into your fermentor!

The patented TopTier™ Modular Brewing Stand from Blichmann Engineering offers the ultimate in brewing flexibility! It fits any manufacturer's pots or kegs up to 21" in diameter and up to 30 gal, so you can reuse existing equipment. Mix and match burners or shelves for each tier to suit your process. Plus, the stand quickly knocks down for storage or transport.