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BrewMometer Adjustable - Blichmann

Just like the BrewMometer, but this one can adjust to any brewing angle. This dial thermometer has a unique dial face with specific temperature notations that guide the brewer through the brewing process. Its hermetically sealed glass face ensures long life. The large dial has a "fine-point" pointer and crisp large lettering. An easy to read thermometer. This weldless requires a 3/16" pilot hole to be drilled, then enlarged to 1/2" by using a step drill. Measurable temperature range: 0-100 C (No Fahrenheit Scale). 3" dial (7.5cm) 3" probe (7.5cm) BrewMometer Adjustable - Blichmann

Adjustable-face thermometers are ideal for homebrewing. Because the face can be moved to any position, they're great for multi-tier stands. With Blichmann Engineering's patented BrewMometer™, you'll no longer have to stoop over or use a stool to read the temperature. Once you use the adjustable BrewMometer™, which is the best weldless design available, you'll never go back!