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Botanicare pH Down

To lower the pH of nutrient solutions. A pH of 5.5-6.5 is recommended for proper nutrient uptake in most plant varieties.

Botanicare's pH Down solution is formulated at a 29% concentration rate making it easy to use for beginners and easy to customize for advanced growers.

Botanicare’s pH Down is a 29% concentrated Phosphoric Acid solution that rapidy lowers pH levels with its gentle, non-burning formula.

Decreases pH of nutrient solutions
Dye free.
Ammonium free.
Highly concentrated.

Directions for use:
To adjust pH levels add 1-3 ml of pH Down to 10 gallons (38 Liters) of nutrient solution, mix well, then test pH. Repeat process until desired pH levels are obtained. Application rate varies based on desired pH, plant growth cycle, and both the current pH and the contents of the nutrient solution. Always add pH adjusters to nutrient solutions in small amounts.
Mixing this product with alkaline or incompatible materials may cause splattering and release of heat. Always apply pH Down directly to nutrient solution/water.

Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if inhaled. Causes severe irritation and burns to every area of contact.

Available in: Quart | Gallon