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“Supercharge growth and bloom the natural way.”

Enzymes are an essential component in any healthy root system. Pure Essentials Black Label

ZYM™ has been engineered from more than ten different types of enzymes complemented with an array of vitamins and exotic plant extracts. The result is a dramatic acceleration of the crucial processes relating to the breakdown and cycling of dead and decaying root matter so that harmful pathogenic organisms are less likely to take hold.

Pure Essentials Black Label ZYM™ also helps to protect and reduce stress in your plants and increase overall vigor and plant health.
Proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, plant extracts and vitamins
Helps reduce stress on plants and improves plant health
Increases resistance to pathogenic organisms
Won’t clog drippers
Aids in the reuse of growing media (rockwool, soil, coir, clay pebbles)


Available in 500ml | 1L 

Application: 8-10ml per US gallon of water.
We recommend using R/O water with a TDS below 25ppm.
For best results, remember to mix your additives before adding Veg or Bloom base nutrients.
Shake well before use.