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“The flowering additive that really makes a difference!”

Stress = less! Growers know—keeping your plants stress-free as they begin to fatten up is the key to entering the top-tier of harvests! Look no further than Pure Essentials Black Label Bud Enhance™. This break-through product calms even the faintest murmurs of stress during periods of high morphogenic change (i.e. mid-late flowering) helping your plants express their genetics to their fullest! Most importantly, Pure Essentials Black Label Bud Enhance™ allows your plants to focus their energies on the creation of dense flower sets through increasing their natural defense to heat, humidity extremes, and high light intensity.

Don’t place a glass ceiling over your plants with inferior products! Give them the very best and purest forms of supplementary phosphorus and potassium with Pure Essentials Black Label Bud Enhance™. This professional-grade flowering supplement crucially insures uptake of these elements by promoting increased metabolic rates and increased disease resistance.

The difference in your garden will blow you away. Use Pure Essentials Black Label Bud Enhance™ to dramatically increase the number of flowering sites and fruit size! This is truly a one-hit-wonder for your garden!

Delivers higher levels of phosphorus and potassium than other equivalent products
bundant flower sites
Increased fruit size
Won’t clog drippers


Available in 500ml | 1L

2-4ml per US gallon of water during weeks 3 thru 6.
We recommend using R/O water with a TDS below 25ppm

For best results, remember to mix your additives before adding Veg or Bloom base nutrients.

Remember to shake well before use.