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4 in 1 Carboyshield™ Seasonal Carboy Protection Manufactured in Canada using ASTM approved components. © 2002 winemakeri inc. PATENT PENDING WARM Keeps beverages warm in cool brewing conditions. COOL Keeps beverages cool in overheated brewing conditions. LIGHT Keeps harmful light rays away from beverages. SAFETY Acts as a protective shield against accidental contact with hard surfaces. (Eliminates the need for ineffective blankets, carboy sacks, plastic sleeves and rubber bumpers INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE The 4in1 CarboyShield ? is manufactured using specialized aluminum foil and adhesive tapes. It will maintain 5-6 U.S. gallons (19-23 L) of beverage (beer wort, wine must or SuperYeast ? X-Press at a relatively consistent temperature during the secondary fermentation stage. Wide temperature fluctuations and excessive direct light can cause fermentation to cease or beverage deterioration if not monitored. Affix the shield onto an Italian glass carboy as per the diagram on the front of the brochure. 1. Open up the shield to form a large O-ring. 2. Gently slide the shield down over the carboy so that it covers the entire carboy from the shoulder to the base. 3. When not in use, store the shield in its protective plastic sleeve. 4. DO NOT affix an electrical heating device, including a brew belt, to the shield. This may cause the shield to overheat and/or produce an electrical shock. 5. DO NOT soak the shield in water or any other cleaning solution. Wipe any spills away with warm, soapy water. 6. REPAIR small tears and punctures in the shield with duct tape or aluminum foil tape. 7. SHIELD will NOT protect beverages against freezing or fermentation faults. WARRANTY This product is conditionally guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. Guarantee void if product is damaged, altered, tampered with or otherwise misused.