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Atami B'Cuzz Hydromix 3.8 Cubic Feet Bale

B'Cuzz Hydromix HP is a “high porosity” professional growing medium formulated for the serious grower. The light weight and high porosity of B'Cuzz Hydromix HP provide conditions necessary to establish plant growth, especially when growing situations require high air-capacity and low water-retention media. These characteristics make B'Cuzz Hydromix HP ideal for use with water sensitive crops, propagation of plant cuttings and/or low-light conditions. Directions Completely fill flats, pots, baskets, etc., taking care not to compact B'Cuzz Hydromix HP. DO NOT PACK DOWN. Be sure all containers have adequate drainage. To minimize dust particles, utilize a fine mist of water when filling containers. B'Cuzz Hydromix may be moistened prior to or after filling containers. The incorporation of a wetting agent in the B'Cuzz Hydromix HP allows for ease of water absorption and distribution. Wetting is facilitated by constantly turning the mix while applying a fine spray of water until the desired moisture level is obtained. B'Cuzz Hydromix contains starter nutrition to enable initial plant growth. To provide plants with necessary nutrients, it is essential to initiate a fertilization program during the course of production. The program selected should be appropriate for the plant species grown, stage of plant development, and water nutrient content. It is advisable to frequently analyze media nutrient levels throughout the production cycle to insure plants receive proper nutritional requirements. Statistics Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (70% by volume) Perlite – Premium Horticultural Coarse Grade (30% by volume) Starter Nutrition – Macronutrients & Micronutrients pH Adjuster – Gypsum & Dolomitic Limestone Wetting Agent